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Scientific Name Country Locality Date taken Picture
Abudefduf concolor Colombia Abcon_j0.gif
Abudefduf concolor Colombia Acspp_l1.gif
Abudefduf concolor Colombia Acspp_l0.gif
Abudefduf concolor Colombia Acspp_l2.gif
Achirus klunzingeri Colombia Acklu_l0.gif
Achirus mazatlanus Colombia Acmaz_l0.gif
Alectis ciliaris Colombia Alcil_l1.gif
Alectis ciliaris Colombia Alcil_l0.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Alscr_j0.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Alscr_l0.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Anspp_l2.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Anspp_l1.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Anspp_l0.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Anspp_l4.gif
Aluterus scriptus Colombia Anspp_l3.gif
Anchovia macrolepidota Colombia Anmac_l0.gif
Anchovia macrolepidota Colombia Anmac_j0.gif
Fowlerichthys avalonis Colombia Anava_l0.gif
Antennatus sanguineus Colombia Ansan_l0.gif
Apogon dovii Colombia Apdov_l0.gif
Apogon dovii Colombia Apdov_l1.gif
Apogon retrosella Colombia Apret_l0.gif
Apogon retrosella Colombia Arspp_l1.gif
Argentina aliceae Colombia Arali_l0.gif
Argyropelecus lychnus Colombia Arlyc_j0.gif
Argyropelecus lychnus Colombia Arlyc_l1.gif
Argyropelecus sladeni Colombia Arsla_l1.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Aubaj_l1.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Auspp_l1.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Auspp_l0.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Auspp_l4.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Auspp_l3.gif
Aulopus bajacali Colombia Auspp_l2.gif
Axoclinus lucillae Colombia Axluc_l0.gif
Axoclinus lucillae Colombia Baspp_l1.gif
Axoclinus lucillae Colombia Baspp_l2.gif
Bathophilus filifer Colombia Bafil_j0.gif
Bathycongrus macrurus Colombia Bamac_l0.gif
Bathylagoides nigrigenys Colombia Banig_l1.gif
Bathylagoides nigrigenys Colombia Banig_l2.gif
Bathylagoides nigrigenys Colombia Banig_l0.gif
Benthosema panamense Colombia Bepan_l2.gif
Benthosema panamense Colombia Bepan_l1.gif
Benthosema panamense Colombia Bepan_l0.gif
Bodianus eclancheri Colombia Boecl_l0.gif
Bolinichthys longipes Colombia Bolon_l0.gif
Borophryne apogon Colombia Boapo_l0.gif
Bothus constellatus Colombia Bocon_l0.gif
Brama dussumieri Colombia Brdus_l0.gif
Bregmaceros bathymaster Colombia Brbat_l2.gif
Bregmaceros bathymaster Colombia Brbat_l1.gif
Bregmaceros bathymaster Colombia Brbat_l0.gif
Brotula clarkae Colombia Brcla_l1.gif
Brotula clarkae Colombia Brcla_l0.gif
Bryx veleronis Colombia Brvel_j0.gif
Bryx veleronis Colombia Byspp_l0.gif
Bryx veleronis Colombia Byspp_l1.gif
Caranx sexfasciatus Colombia Casex_l0.gif
Paracaristius maderensis Colombia Camad_l1.gif
Paracaristius maderensis Colombia Camad_l0.gif
Caulolatilus affinis Colombia Caaff_l1.gif
Caulolatilus affinis Colombia Caaff_l0.gif
Caulolatilus princeps Colombia Capri_l0.gif
Cephalopholis panamensis Colombia Eppan_l0.gif
Cerdale paludicola Colombia Cepal_l0.gif
Cetengraulis mysticetus Cemys_l0.gif
Cetengraulis mysticetus Colombia Cemys_e0.gif
Chaetodipterus zonatus Colombia Chzon_l0.gif
Chaetodon humeralis Colombia Chhum_l0.gif
Chaetodon humeralis Colombia Chspp_l0.gif
Chiasmodon niger Colombia Chnig_l0.gif
Chlorophthalmus mento Colombia Chmen_l0.gif
Chloroscombrus orqueta Colombia Chorq_l2.gif
Chloroscombrus orqueta Colombia Chorq_l1.gif
Chloroscombrus orqueta Colombia Chorq_l0.gif
Chromis atrilobata Colombia Chatr_l0.gif
Citharichthys gilberti Colombia Cigil_l2.gif
Citharichthys gilberti Colombia Cigil_l1.gif
Citharichthys gilberti Colombia Cigil_l0.gif
Citharichthys platophrys Colombia Cipla_l1.gif
Citharichthys platophrys Colombia Cipla_l0.gif
Citharichthys platophrys Colombia Cipla_l2.gif
Clarkichthys bilineatus Colombia Clbil_l1.gif
Clarkichthys bilineatus Colombia Clbil_l0.gif
Coryphaena hippurus Colombia Cohip_l1.gif
Coryphaena hippurus Colombia Cohip_l4.gif
Coryphaena hippurus Colombia Cohip_l3.gif
Coryphaena hippurus Colombia Cohip_l2.gif
Cubiceps pauciradiatus Colombia Cupau_l0.gif
Cubiceps pauciradiatus Colombia Cupau_l1.gif
Cyclothone acclinidens Colombia Cyacc_jf.gif
Cyclothone signata Colombia Cysig_l2.gif
Cyclothone signata Colombia Cysig_l1.gif
Cyclothone signata Colombia Cyspp_l1.gif
Cyclothone signata Colombia Cyspp_l0.gif
Decapterus muroadsi Colombia Demur_l0.gif
Derichthys serpentinus Colombia Deser_l0.gif
Diaphus pacificus Colombia Dipac_l3.gif
Diaphus pacificus Colombia Dipac_l2.gif
Diaphus pacificus Colombia Dipac_l1.gif
Diaphus pacificus Colombia Dipac_l0.gif
Diogenichthys atlanticus Colombia Diatl_j0.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dilat_l2.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dilat_l1.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dilat_l0.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dispp_l0.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dispp_l1.gif
Diogenichthys laternatus Colombia Dospp_l0.gif
Dormitator latifrons Colombia Dolat_l0.gif
Doryrhamphus excisus excisus Colombia Doexc_j0.gif
Doryrhamphus excisus excisus Colombia Doexc_l0.gif
Echiodon exsilium Colombia Ecexs_l0.gif
Cololabis adocetus Colombia Coado_l0.gif
Engyophrys sanctilaurentii Colombia Ensan_l0.gif
Erotelis armiger Colombia Erarm_l0.gif
Etropus crossotus Colombia Etcro_l0.gif
Etropus crossotus Colombia Euspp_l1.gif
Etropus crossotus Colombia Euspp_l0.gif
Euthynnus lineatus Colombia Eulin_l0.gif
Fistularia commersonii Colombia Ficom_l1.gif
Fistularia commersonii Colombia Ficom_l0.gif
Fistularia corneta Colombia Ficor_j0.gif
Gempylus serpens Colombia Geser_l0.gif
Gempylus serpens Colombia Gespp_l0.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gecin_l0.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gecin_l1.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gispp_l0.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l1.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l0.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l3.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l2.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l4.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l5.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l6.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l7.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l9.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_l8.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_la.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_lb.gif
Gerres cinereus Colombia Gospp_lc.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Goten_l1.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Goten_l0.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Guspp_l0.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Haspp_l0.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Haspp_l1.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Haspp_l4.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Haspp_l3.gif
Gonichthys tenuiculus Colombia Haspp_l2.gif
Harengula thrissina Colombia Hathr_l0.gif
Hemanthias peruanus Colombia Heper_l0.gif
Hemicaranx zelotes Colombia Hezel_l0.gif
Hemicaranx zelotes Colombia Hispp_l0.gif
Hippocampus ingens Colombia Hiing_j0.gif
Hoplopagrus guentherii Colombia Hogue_l0.gif
Hoplostethus pacificus Colombia Hopac_l0.gif
Hoplunnis sicarius Colombia Hosic_l0.gif
Hoplunnis sicarius Colombia Hyspp_l1.gif
Hoplunnis sicarius Colombia Hyspp_l0.gif
Hypsoblennius brevipinnis Colombia Hybre_l1.gif
Hypsoblennius brevipinnis Colombia Hybre_l0.gif
Idiacanthus antrostomus Colombia Idant_l2.gif
Idiacanthus antrostomus Colombia Idant_l1.gif
Isopisthus remifer Colombia Isrem_l1.gif
Isopisthus remifer Colombia Isrem_l0.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Lapar_l2.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Lapar_l1.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Lapar_l0.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Laspp_l1.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Laspp_l0.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Laspp_l2.gif
Lampanyctus parvicauda Colombia Laspp_l3.gif
Lepidopus fitchi Colombia Lefit_l0.gif
Lepophidium negropinna Colombia Leneg_l1.gif
Lepophidium negropinna Colombia Leneg_l0.gif
Lepophidium prorates Colombia Lepro_l0.gif
Lepophidium prorates Colombia Lespp_l0.gif
Leptocephalus giganteus Colombia Cogig_l1.gif
Leptocephalus giganteus Colombia Cogig_l2.gif
Lestidiops neles Colombia Lenel_j0.gif
Lestidiops neles Colombia Lenel_l2.gif
Lestidiops neles Colombia Lenel_l1.gif
Lestidiops neles Colombia Lenel_l0.gif
Lestidiops pacificus Colombia Lepac_l0.gif
Lestidiops pacificus Colombia Lepac_l1.gif
Leuroglossus stilbius Colombia Lesti_l1.gif
Lobotes surinamensis Colombia Losur_l0.gif
Lobotes surinamensis Colombia Losur_l2.gif
Lobotes surinamensis Colombia Losur_l1.gif
Lophiodes caulinaris Colombia Locau_l2.gif
Lophiodes caulinaris Colombia Locau_l1.gif
Lophiodes caulinaris Colombia Locau_l0.gif
Loweina rara Colombia Lorar_l1.gif
Lutjanus guttatus Colombia Lugut_l2.gif
Lutjanus guttatus Colombia Lugut_l1.gif
Lutjanus guttatus Colombia Lugut_l0.gif
Lutjanus novemfasciatus Colombia Lunov_l0.gif
Macrodon mordax Colombia Mamor_l0.gif
Maurolicus muelleri Colombia Mamue_l2.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Meaca_l2.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Meaca_l1.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Meaca_l0.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Mespp_l1.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Mespp_l0.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Mespp_l2.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Mespp_l3.gif
Melamphaes acanthomus Colombia Mespp_l4.gif
Merluccius angustimanus Colombia Meang_l0.gif
Merluccius angustimanus Colombia Mispp_l0.gif
Mugil cephalus Colombia Mucep_l3.gif
Mugil curema Colombia Mucur_l1.gif
Mulloidichthys dentatus Colombia Muden_l2.gif
Mulloidichthys dentatus Colombia Muden_l1.gif
Mulloidichthys dentatus Colombia Muden_l0.gif
Myctophum aurolaternatum Colombia Myaur_l0.gif
Myctophum aurolaternatum Colombia Myaur_l1.gif
Myctophum nitidulum Colombia Mynit_l0.gif
Myctophum nitidulum Colombia Myspp_l0.gif
Myctophum nitidulum Colombia Myspp_j0.gif
Myrophis vafer Colombia Myvaf_l0.gif
Naucrates ductor Colombia Naduc_l1.gif
Nealotus tripes Colombia Netri_l1.gif
Nealotus tripes Colombia Netri_l0.gif
Nealotus tripes Colombia Netri_l3.gif
Nealotus tripes Colombia Netri_l2.gif
Neoconger vermiformis Colombia Never_l0.gif
Neoopisthopterus tropicus Colombia Netro_l0.gif
Neoopisthopterus tropicus Colombia Netro_j0.gif
Notoscopelus resplendens Colombia Nores_l1.gif
Oligoplites saurus Colombia Olsau_l3.gif
Oligoplites saurus Colombia Olsau_l2.gif
Oligoplites saurus Colombia Opspp_l0.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opzop_l0.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opspp_l2.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opspp_l1.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opspp_3.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opspp_2.gif
Ophichthus zophochir Colombia Opspp_l3.gif
Opisthopterus dovii Colombia Opdov_l0.gif
Opistognathus panamaensis Colombia Oppan_l0.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Otind_l0.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Paspp_l4.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Paspp_l1.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Paspp_l0.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Paspp_l3.gif
Otophidium indefatigabile Colombia Paspp_l2.gif
Paranthias colonus Colombia Pacol_l0.gif
Parapsettus panamensis Colombia Papan_l0.gif
Perissias taeniopterus Colombia Petae_l0.gif
Plagiotremus azaleus Colombia Plaza_l0.gif
Polydactylus approximans Colombia Poapp_l0.gif
Polydactylus approximans Colombia Poapp_j0.gif
Polydactylus approximans Colombia Poapp_l1.gif
Polydactylus opercularis Colombia Poope_l2.gif
Polydactylus opercularis Colombia Poope_l1.gif
Polydactylus opercularis Colombia Poope_l0.gif
Pontinus sierra Colombia Posie_l0.gif
Pontinus sierra Colombia Pospp_l0.gif
Porichthys margaritatus Colombia Pomar_l2.gif
Prionotus ruscarius Colombia Prrus_l0.gif
Pristigenys serrula Colombia Prser_l1.gif
Pristigenys serrula Colombia Prser_l0.gif
Prognichthys sealei Colombia Prsea_l0.gif
Prognichthys sealei Colombia Prspp_l0.gif
Psenes sio Colombia Pssio_l1.gif
Psenes sio Colombia Pssio_l0.gif
Pseudomyrophis micropinna Colombia Psmic_l0.gif
Rhynchoconger nitens Colombia Rhnit_l0.gif
Rosenblattichthys volucris Colombia Rovol_l0.gif
Rypticus nigripinnis Colombia Rynig_l0.gif
Sargocentron suborbitale Colombia Sasub_l0.gif
Sargocentron suborbitale Colombia Scspp_l2.gif
Sargocentron suborbitale Colombia Scspp_l1.gif
Sargocentron suborbitale Colombia Scspp_l4.gif
Sargocentron suborbitale Colombia Scspp_l3.gif
Scomberomorus sierra Colombia Scsie_l1.gif
Scomberomorus sierra Colombia Scsie_l0.gif
Scopelarchoides nicholsi Colombia Scnic_l1.gif
Scopelogadus bispinosus Colombia Scmiz_l1.gif
Scopelogadus bispinosus Colombia Scspp_l0.gif
Scorpaena mystes Colombia Scmys_l1.gif
Scorpaena mystes Colombia Scmys_l0.gif
Scorpaenodes xyris Colombia Scxyr_l1.gif
Selar crumenophthalmus Colombia Secru_l2.gif
Selar crumenophthalmus Colombia Secru_l1.gif
Selene peruviana Colombia Seper_l2.gif
Selene peruviana Colombia Seper_l1.gif
Selene peruviana Colombia Seper_l0.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Selal_l1.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Selal_l0.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Sespp_l4.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Sespp_l1.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Sespp_l0.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Sespp_l2.gif
Seriola lalandi Colombia Sespp_l3.gif
Sphoeroides annulatus Colombia Spann_j0.gif
Sphoeroides lobatus Colombia Splob_l1.gif
Sphoeroides lobatus Colombia Splob_l0.gif
Sphoeroides lobatus Colombia Splob_j0.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Spens_l1.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Spens_l0.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l7.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l6.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l1.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l0.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l3.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l2.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l5.gif
Sphyraena ensis Colombia Stspp_l4.gif
Stemonosudis macrura Colombia Stmac_l0.gif
Sternoptyx diaphana Colombia Stdia_l1.gif
Sternoptyx obscura Colombia Stobs_l0.gif
Stomias colubrinus Colombia Stboa_l2.gif
Stomias colubrinus Colombia Stboa_l1.gif
Stomias colubrinus Colombia Stboa_l3.gif
Strongylura scapularis Colombia Stsca_l0.gif
Stylephorus chordatus Colombia Stcho_l2.gif
Sufflamen verres Colombia Suver_l1.gif
Sufflamen verres Colombia Suver_l0.gif
Syacium ovale Colombia Syova_l1.gif
Syacium ovale Colombia Syova_l0.gif
Symbolophorus evermanni Colombia Syeve_l4.gif
Symbolophorus evermanni Colombia Syeve_l3.gif
Symphurus atramentatus Colombia Syatr_l1.gif
Symphurus chabanaudi Colombia Sycha_l0.gif
Symphurus elongatus Colombia Syelo_l0.gif
Symphurus gorgonae Colombia Sygor_l0.gif
Symphurus melanurus Colombia Symel_l1.gif
Symphurus oligomerus Colombia Syoli_l1.gif
Symphurus oligomerus Colombia Syoli_l0.gif
Symphurus oligomerus Colombia Syspp_l1.gif
Symphurus oligomerus Colombia Syspp_l0.gif
Symphurus oligomerus Colombia Syspp_l2.gif
Syngnathus auliscus Colombia Syaul_j0.gif
Synodus evermanni Colombia Syeve_l2.gif
Synodus evermanni Colombia Syeve_l1.gif
Synodus marchenae Colombia Symar_l0.gif
Synodus scituliceps Colombia Sysci_l1.gif
Synodus scituliceps Colombia Sysci_l0.gif
Synodus scituliceps Colombia Sysci_l2.gif
Synodus scituliceps Colombia Thspp_l0.gif
Trachinotus paitensis Colombia Trpai_l0.gif
Trachipterus fukuzakii Colombia Trfuk_l1.gif
Trachipterus fukuzakii Colombia Trfuk_l0.gif
Trachipterus fukuzakii Colombia Trspp_l1.gif
Trachipterus fukuzakii Colombia Trspp_l0.gif
Trichiurus lepturus Colombia Trlep_l5.gif
Trichiurus lepturus Colombia Trlep_l4.gif
Trichiurus lepturus Colombia Trlep_l3.gif
Trichiurus lepturus Colombia Trocu_l1.gif
Trichiurus lepturus Colombia Trocu_l0.gif
Thunnus albacares Colombia Thalb_l0.gif
Thunnus albacares Colombia Umspp_l0.gif
Vinciguerria lucetia Colombia Viluc_l3.gif
Vinciguerria lucetia Colombia Viluc_l2.gif
Vinciguerria lucetia Colombia Viluc_l4.gif
Vinciguerria lucetia Colombia Xyspp_l0.gif
Vinciguerria lucetia Colombia Xyspp_l1.gif
Zu cristatus Colombia Zucri_l1.gif
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